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Decorative pavers for driveways, pools, patios, and more can be provided by paver contractors! Brick pavers are an affordable and aesthetically pleasing way to resurface patios and driveways with an array of creative paver patterns. When you are looking for patio pavers in Las Vegas, you have come to the right place! Our professional team of pavers can work with you on the creation, design, and installation of pavers throughout your property. With our many years of experience and wide selection of shapes, sizes, and colors for pavers, we are pleased to help you dream up a gorgeous addition to your home!

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We are capable of fulfilling all of your needs. Whether you are looking to transform a boring backyard patio or enhance an ugly pool area into something more attractive and usable, we are the ones to do it. Our goal is to complement your home with the pavers and that’s why we offer the selection that we do. With so many colors and patterns to choose from, we’re going to find something that works well for your home. Our driveway pavers last a lifetime, allowing you to upgrade the look of your driveway, sidewalk, pool deck or patio in Las Vegas. We can provide an in-home estimate to make it easy to determine what your next project is going to look like and cost! We hire only the most professional installation and design teams, so you have the best that Vegas can offer. We never use subcontractors and that helps to keep the work looking great and more affordable, too.

Patio pavers are our specialty!

When you are looking for a new patio, we have patio pavers that are weather resistant and capable of transforming the space, regardless of how large or small the space may be. We will work with you to determine the layout and pattern that works well. You can get our professional help every step of the way. Let us send a professional out to your home for a free design consultation and estimate. We use all of our own employees, so you can count on the quality that you will receive in the installation from start to finish.

Driveway pavers can look sensational.

Everyone seems to have poured concrete for their driveway and while it worked when you first moved in, now you want something more unique that’s not going to crack under the pressure of the environment and your cars. Boring asphalt can be replaced by colorful driveway pavers that are installed in a great-looking design to give your home more curb appeal. It’s your chance to stand out within your neighborhood. With our large inventory of pavers, you can choose the size, shape, color, and pattern of the pavers to give you a look completely your own. Our driveways are highly durable, so there’s no need to worry about whether they can hold up to the everyday wear. If you have questions or concerns about a new driveway, contact us so we can begin providing answers.

Walkway pavers provide a better sidewalk.

Sidewalk pavers can be a great way to create paths around your home – and even replace the ones that are already in place. A new hardscape design can be established that involves more curvature and a more impressive style. These paths can lead to patios, pools, and other features on your property. Let one of our design members provide you with a consultation to show you what can be done with your property. An elegant path can be constructed of various types of stone pavers so you get the colors and styles that are complementary to your home. Take advantage of what we have to offer today by calling and scheduling a time for us to come out.

Add style to your pool deck.

Your pool deck is one of the most important things to consider when judging the aesthetics of your pool area. Pool pavers can be used to enhance the deck so that it is more attractive. It can be the facelift you’ve been looking for and our team of professionals can show you how to make it affordable, too. Various colors are available, allowing you to create a sophisticated or fun environment for your next pool party. We can even mix and match colors to give you something unique. No one will have the same exact pool deck as you because of what we can custom create. We have the pool deck pavers that are durable and versatile. Call us today to schedule an in-home estimate so we can begin working with your active imagination to give you the pool deck you have always wanted.

Our team can provide you with what you want!

Let our professional pavers in Las Vegas provide you with what you need. Whether we are going to enhance your pool deck, driveway, sidewalk, patio, or anywhere else, you can have peace of mind that we are the best. With no subcontractors and some of the best installers around, you get quality work at affordable prices. We’re ready to provide you with a FREE design consultation as well as an in-home consultation. Call us today to schedule a time for us to come out. We look forward to showing off all of the colors, sizes, and possibilities of pavers. New Image Scapes  does  it all – from patio pavers to driveway pavers to pool deck pavers, New Image Scapes can enhance your home. Call today!

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